Chicco PhysioForma presented us with a great challenge: finding a way to convey to parents scientific evidence regarding pacifiers, to shift the sentiment about an object that is widespread yet often guilt-inducing, when perceived as a “shortcut” to a child’s wellbeing, with negative associations related to important issues such as teeth and correct breathing.

The fact is, PhysioForma is like nothing else: Chicco is the only brand offering a pacifier that is specifically designed to support babies’ physiological breathing, with an exclusive curve that helps shape the palate and oral cavity – for better breathing and a more serene sleep. But what strategy could we implement to achieve such a radical paradigm shift in parents? One based on a wise mix of science, simplicity and broad presence, meant not only to reach the consumer target but also to raise awareness amongst health care professionals. The “Oggi mi sento in PhysioForma” campaign – with a play on words between the expression “I feel in shape” and the name of the product – was disseminated across all of the brand’s sensitive touchpoints: social media, hospitals, pediatricians and medical personnel.

An effective scientific PR activity, with a press kit and trade materials, combined with the extensive presence at the industry’s most important fairs, worked in synergy with the simple and competent storytelling about the PhysioForma revolution created for the general public. The outcome? Three years of solid, professional and engaging communication, which is still going strong in 2021 with the launch of the new PhysioForma Gommottino – a smaller, softer and lighter model, specifically developed for newborns. Not to mention the new projects to popularize the science behind this unique pacifier, which has benefited from a sharp increase in awareness.

A great communication adventure by Phoenix ADV for Chicco, which began to showcase a product and evolved to improve the physiological growth of a whole new generation.