The past year and a half has been difficult for many, many reasons. But for Phoenix ADV, 2020 and 2021 have also been full of achievements, new contacts, exchanges. And accolades.

The most recent one immediately carved out a special place on our mantle, and in our hearts: MEDIASTAR has assigned the Pic Solution “How do you feel?” film the SPECIAL STAR COPY STRATEGY award. At Phoenix ADV, we are particularly proud of this recognition because it rewards not only the creativity of the idea and its perfect implementation, but also the process, the analysis, the sound social foundation behind – or better yet, within – the idea itself.

Alessandra Fanzago, CEO and Co-founder of Phoenix ADV, was on the front line of the “How do you feel?” project with both a strategic and operative role. She was happy to answer some questions prompted by the award. An openhearted interview about the satisfaction of taking care of a communication project with mastery, consideration and talent.

What was the “How do you feel?” campaign’s best strength?
The fact that the key elements in the creative strategy for Pic Solution’s campaign are part of a complete and harmonious ecosystem, from concept to execution: we naturally intertwined and directed the typical aspects of the Copy Strategy – such as insight, tone of voice, consumer benefit and reason why – in order to give Pic’s Brand Purpose a physical shape, a character that could be unique, distinctive and timeless.

What was the inspiration for the campaign?
Now that we have received MediaStar’s award, I like to think it was not Copy Strategy but Star Strategy – according to the teachings of one of the great Masters of communication.

Can you explain more?
It’s a model in which the strategic journey is not seen as a cage for creativity, but as a tool that can spur and open up to unexpected creative challenges, especially in the execution phase.

In a nutshell, a good copy strategy is like an expert helmsman that leads the creative ship towards new horizons.
And there’s more: the helmsman does not simply chart a new course, but makes sure to put the right crew together, assigning roles and pushing everyone to bring out the best of their talent. After all, our job is done by People. None of us care only about the journey or about the destination: we also care about the company we keep on a project, the people around us.

We imagine there was a great team behind the “How do you feel?” campaign.
Yes, it was amazing. Every single professional that took part in the project literally “took care” of the storytelling with honesty and dedication: the people at Pic Solution, Phoenix ADV, The Producers and ScreenPlay, as well as the directors, actors and all the technical teams who offered their contribution for the success of this project, from the four corners of the Earth and from a very diverse range of fields.

How rare is it for the stars to align just so?
Having over 30 years of experience, I can say it does not happen often: but when it does, it’s wonderful!

After this introduction, let’s watch the film (again) with new eyes: enjoy!