We already showcased our beautiful project for Pedersoli Milano in this article, some time ago. Now, we want to shine the spotlight on a special creation that was born out of that wonderful adventure: the institutional print ad campaign for Pedersoli Milano, launched in the summer of 2022 and included with pleasure in our hall of fame.

In this case, strategic process and communication exploration tuned into each other in harmony: after months of interviews, brand platforms and copy strategy, creativity simply weaved its magic, finding unmistakable style in the skillfully designed texture of our brand curatorship work.

Thus, a visual that is undeniably unusual for the industry emerged: an intense macro shot that exalts Pedersoli’s perfection in its care for details; and a headline that steers clear of benefits or calls to action, connecting instead to the more elevated tone of “simple” comfort.


The art in Pedersoli Milano’s mastery and in clients’ invaluable rest; the art in hoteliers’ dedication and in the touch of the professionals taking care of their linens.

The art of taking care, which has always been the brand’s signature and pride: an art that is infused with comfort and elegance, and comes to life in linens of superior quality for luxury hotels.

The art of know-how.

We share the same pride – and joy – in our work, and in knowing how to do our job: strategy, creativity, thinking. And a team of talents with all the skills to accomplish an excellent example of pure, round advertising.