We let our work explain the thought, the method and the original and consistent approach with which, day after day, we shape Brand Curatorship for our clients.

This is a selection of projects we are particularly attached to for various reasons – not all of them rational.

Phoenix ADV for Indena
Film Corporate

The “Getting Closer” corporate film is the manifesto of Indena’s new identity. The techno-natural tone of voice speaks of the company’s mastery in phytochemistry.

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Phoenix ADV for
Fiocchi di Riso

The project allowed us to fine-tune the brand’s identity tying in with the new “Dermocentric by Nature” positioning: a neologism meant to highlight how Fiocchi di Riso is able to always put “skin front and center” in every aspect of its research.

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Phoenix ADV for Pic Solution

The past year and a half has been difficult for many reasons, but for Phoenix ADV, 2020 and 2021 have also been full of achievements, new contacts, exchanges. And accolades. The most recent one immediately carved out a special place on our mantle, and in our hearts: SPECIAL STAR COPY STRATEGY.

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Phoenix ADV for Chicco PhysioForma

Chicco PhysioForma presented us with a great challenge: finding a way to convey to parents scientific evidence regarding pacifiers, to shift the sentiment about an object that is widespread yet often guilt-inducing.

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