The much-awaited communication debut for Proctolyn, Recordati’s historical brand with years of leadership in the anti-hemorrhoid product market, was one of the most interesting challenges we tackled lately.

Our intense and profound strategic curatorship activity, designed to prepare a remarkable extension of the brand’s offering perimeter, converged in the creation of a new overarching concept, chosen to accompany all the different products in the range in the near future.

“Proctolyn ti rimette in circolo” (the concept’s verbal synthesis, which can be roughly translated as “Proctolyn gets you back in circulation”) merges the promise of a major user benefit – regaining the daily normalcy put at risk by a common and invalidating disorder like the one affecting the hemorrhoidal plexus – and the communication of the special and specific action of this complete and innovative range of products, which protect and take care of venous microcirculation in all of its manifestations.

The concept was conveyed through a capillary TV advertisement campaign broadcast on major national networks, a strong digital investment and a renewed presence in pharmacies.

It was a thrilling collective effort, which also leveraged some of the best talents in Phoenix’s Archipelago of Competencies to fully support the project developed by the OTC Division at Recordati.

The outcome, or at least its most visible part, is the TV advertisement of course – and you can watch it right here any time you wish.

BRAND CURATOR: Corrado Mazzucchi
ART DIRECTORS: Andrea Cipriano | Alessandro Stenco
COPYWRITER: Federico Biglieri
REGIA: Stefano Morcaldo
3D ARTIST: Fabio Brunello