Awards are gratifying for more than one reason. For starters, they serve as instant recognition of hard work. And for us, receiving the Mediastars 2019/20 Best Packaging of the Year Award in the non-food category was a pleasant reminder of the strategic rebranding project we carried out with Fiocchi di Riso, when the company chose Phoenix ADV as its partner on this journey 3 years ago.

The project allowed us to fine-tune the brand’s identity tying in with the new “Dermocentric by Nature” positioning: a neologism meant to highlight how Fiocchi di Riso is able to always put “skin front and center” in every aspect of its research – with a balanced mix of scientific and emotional communication, to start a fresh and authentic conversation with millions of mothers and fathers, in a variety of touchpoints.

Our curatorship led to a wide-ranging strategy in which the logo’s restyling triggered the development of point of sales materials, the design of the brand’s entire digital presence, and finally the launch, in June 2019, of a new communication approach for TV, print and digital media with a hugely successful multi-image campaign.

And let’s not forget the new, Galenic-inspired Packaging Design System: an original “face” that allowed us to strengthen Fiocchi di Riso’s reputation as a complete range in the world of cosmetics for babies and children. The redesign maintained continuity yet was able to evolve, adding a highly scientific value to each product – which all become “great, little heroes” within the system. We made a clear stylistic choice to give the brand new impetus, even on the store shelf, which contributed to a great increase in sales.

Together, we led Fiocchi di Riso products to secure a remarkable position among major competitors, building a reputation that is now universally recognized thanks to their ability to merge – and, finally, communicate – the gentle trait of the brand’s personality and the rigorous accuracy of their scientific content.